New York Gallery Guide

If the circus is coming to town then Dog

Man and his band of canine cohorts are

part of the show. High society can’t hide

with Michael Scott’s latest ruminations on

the lives and alter ego’s of his hound-dog

buddies. The Doggie Diaries was created

to ask a single dog-gone question: What

would happen if you placed rescue dogs

in works of art? Could they exist on the

same turf as the Westminster pedigrees?

The first batch of paintings from this

collection will be on display uptown at the

Gerald Peters Gallery.

“Millionaire Matchmaker,” move

over! Michael Scott has placed these

bowtie woofers front and center in a

complex tabloid of history, art history and

operatic stages to play out this tongueand-

tail soap.

Guest appearances by Giorgio, the

mobster from Padua, the Corgi with class;

Miss Phaedra, the cross-dressing doggie

and star of the “Housedogs of Beverly

Hills;” and Zoe, the plus size model and

par-tay animal, who will be down on all

fours posing for her cover in “Vanity Fur.”

I t’s a wild and wooly high society

booty call for the bitches in New York.

Fido is back baby, with all the furs, fuss,

and finesse that only a Dog Man Show

can dig up!

T he exhibition, which will include

twenty of Scott’s masterfully executed

canvases, will coincide with the Winter

Antiques Show, Old Masters Week, as

well as with the Westminster Dog Show.

An illustrated brochure featuring the

exhibited works with text by the artist and

author Marilyn Bauer will be available at

the gallery.